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The EqSport Family

We are more than just a barn - we are a family. We are a fabulous group of riders ranging from crossrail kids to BigEq juniors to Adult Ammy re-riders, and everything in between. We love horses, we love each other, and we love having a good time. We all come out to support each other at shows and cheer each other on as we achieve milestones small and large.  In addition to our full show schedule, we have tons of fun social events that include things like:

  • Friday Night Lights (jumping clinic under the lights while the parents & partners enjoy cocktails ring-side)

  • Mother's Day potluck to celebrate all the moms that drive and support us in our horse obsession

  • Catered Christmas party with great food, fun drinks, groovy music, and all the laughs

  • Group outings to the local rodeo, horsemanship clinics, and other various equestrian expos around town

  • International trips together to watch the best in the world at places like the Dublin horse show and the Longines Global Champions Tour 

No matter where we are or what we are doing, it is all about horses and all about fun. We pride ourselves on having a drama-free barn that truly feels like family and we love to build each other up along each rider's personal journey, whether their goals are big or small.

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